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Offshore Roustabout Jobs - Where The Adventure Truly Begins

offshore roustabout jobsThe call of the open ocean stirs the blood of millions; the call, once heard, is not easily ignored. Men and women respond to the call in many different ways: some get work on a fishing boat; others join the Navy or Coast Guard; still others find their way into a maritime academy and join the Merchant Marines, working on the large cargo ships that are the lifeblood of global trade. For thousands more, however, the fast ticket to a life working at sea is to become an offshore roustabout. 

Offshore roustabout jobs differ from their land-based counterparts, in that roustabouts working offshore can have pretty different job duties and descriptions. 

Being an offshore roustabout is kind of a catch-all for entry level offshore work.  As a roustabout, you could find yourself helping out the drilling crew, and working the floor when the roughneck is on break.  Alternatively, you might be rigging for the offshore crane operator, loading and unloading the transport barges.  You could also find yourself working as a welder's assistant, or doing cleaning and painting as part of the maintenance crew. 

Any of these jobs have their own career ladder, work duties, challenges and set of unique opportunities, so to do them justice, we treat them separately here, and tell you what the jobs entail, what is needed to succeed, and how to get hired on, even without previous experience.  

This is an exciting time to join the offshore drilling industry, and a world of opportunity awaits the ambitious and the driven. If the sea has called to you, then consider answering by getting hired onto an offshore oil rig. You'll start as a roustabout, but where you end up is limited only by your own imagination and drive to succeed - there are many success stories of individuals who started with an offshore roustabout job and ended up running an entire rig as the offshore installation manager - why not you? 

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