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Offshore Drilling Roustabouts

Offshore drilling roustabouts have the jobs closest to their land-based roustabout counterparts. While they may be required to help out as needed across the oil rig, similar to an able-bodied Seaman, there main focus is working directly with the drilling crew, performing tasks that enable the drill crew to complete their work without the distractions of the many minor repairs and errands that are part of drilling.

The drilling roustabout will be fetching tools, helping maintain equipment, cleaning, assembling, and doing small repairs. As he becomes more familiar with the work environment, the offshore roustabout will begin jumping into floor work when the roughnecks take breaks or during meal time. After he has done this for a while, he can start doing roughneck work full-time, eventually earning the title as well as his first promotion.

Working as an offshore drilling roustabout is hard, sometimes even dangerous, work. You will be facing the elements of the ocean, miles out at sea, and working long days for 2 to 4 week stretches. But the pay is great, the food is great, you'll have plenty to do in your downtime.

On modern rigs, satellite phones allow you to call home every day. There will be a movie room, a game room, an exercise room with weights, and often a sauna or jacuzzi.  Your living quarters will be like staying in a hotel, as someone else will be cleaning your room and making sure you have clean sheets and blankets every night.  And you'll have plenty of downtime to enjoy your good wages; if you do two weeks on, you'll get two weeks off. 

Offshore Drilling Roustabout Wages

Wages for entry-level Roustabouts run from 50 to 60k. An average wage would be 22.50 an hour; with 44 hours of overtime a week at time and a half, this adds up to 62K a year, for 6 months of work.

Getting a Drilling Roustabout Job Offshore

The best way to land an offshore Roustabout job is to apply in person - there are many unadvertised entry level jobs offshore. Obviously, the person whose face is in the office asking for work every week or two is going to stand out above all the other applicants. 

If visiting the employment offices of offshore drilling contractors isn’t possible for you, then the next best thing is to ensure that your Resume, C\V and Cover Letter are specific to the offshore industry, and to the job you are applying for. We highly recommend the services of Rigworker if you wish to facilitate the process and improve the odds. Rigworker has over 10,000 members, and thousands have had success when they chose to utilize their Resume \ CV submittal service.

Rigworker charges a nominal fee for their services, $60, which is quite reasonable and comparable in price to other resume submission firms who don't focus on a specific industry, such as offshore drilling or oil industry jobs. Rigworker specializes in this industry, and are very good at what they do.  They guarantee your satisfaction with their services, and your money back if you don't land work in 3 months. You will get far more for this small investment than anywhere else on the internet.

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