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Offshore Maintenance Roustabouts

Offshore maintenance roustabouts are an essential part of maintaining an offshore oil rig, with the essential tasks of keeping the platform safe from the elements by painting and cleaning the exposed surfaces, providing a barrier of protection against the elements of the sea - wind, rain, and especially salt water. Scraping rust is a never ending duty, as is applying sealant and rust removal solution.

Offshore maintenance roustabout jobs aren't easy, but they are indeed a fantastic method of acquiring work experience offshore. The work can be hard, long, and tedious, but represents a way of getting a foot in the door to a number of different career opportunities.

Duties for offshore maintenance roustabouts consist of cleaning the support beams, superstructure surfaces and walls, as well as the deck and floors. Cleaning, scraping rust, prepping and applying sealant and paint are a continuous requirement in the maintenance program of all of the hundreds of offshore oil rigs.

The continuous exposure to salt water requires a concerted effort to maximise the lifespan of the rig, and protect the investment made by the drilling companies in building these man-made offshore islands. In addition to painting and cleaning, offshore maintenance roustabouts will also find themselves working as assistants for the welders and electricians, and will have numerous opportunities to pick up other skills, such as scaffolding, rigging, and even drilling.

Working as an offshore maintenance roustabout is one of the better methods of getting the proverbial foot in the door and for the ambitious, can open up a number of other opportunities. Basically, any career path you can conceive of offshore will become open to you once you have some offshore experience, even if it means taking some time to go to school and gain some technical, trade or engineering skills.

Offshore Maintenance Roustabout Wages

Wages for offshore maintenance roustabouts run from 50 to 60k. An average wage would be 22.50 an hour; with 44 hours of overtime a week at time and a half, this adds up to 62K a year, for 6 months of work.

Getting a Maintenance Roustabout Job Offshore

The best way to land an offshore Roustabout job is to apply in person - there are many unadvertised entry level jobs offshore. Obviously, the person whose face is in the office asking for work every week or two is going to stand out above all the other applicants. 

If visiting the employment offices of offshore drilling contractors isn’t possible for you, then the next best thing is to ensure that your Resume, C\V and Cover Letter are specific to the offshore industry, and to the job you are applying for. We highly recommend the services of Rigworker if you wish to facilitate the process and improve the odds. Rigworker has over 10,000 members, and thousands have had success when they chose to utilize their Resume \ CV submittal service.

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